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PubMed Central. Questionnaires were distributed to professionals of both cities, arguing on the following issues: oral health during pregnancy; contact between prenatal care and dental care providers; prenatal fluoride supplementation; selection of therapeutic agents for local anesthesia, pain control and treatment of infection; and dental procedures that can be performed during each trimester.

Among 39 blood donors with positive serology for HIV, 12 Among the donors with negative serology for HIV, these markers were detected in 8, Presentations - Delaney, P. It is important to assess activities of daily living ADL in older adults due to impairment of independence and quality of life. However, there is no objective and standardized protocol available to assess this outcome. The protocol was performed twice.

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The 6-min walk test, which assesses functional exercise capacity, was used as a validation criterion. A multiple linear regression model was applied, including anthropometric and demographic variables that correlated with the protocol, to establish an equation to predict the protocol's reference values.

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In general, the protocol was reproducible intraclass correlation coefficient 0. The average difference between the first and second protocol was 5. Emission of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from diesel engine in a bus station, LondrinaBrazil. Tavares, Moacir; Pinto, Jurandir P.

The concentrations of vapor phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs were measured at the Central Bus Station of Londrinawhere only diesel-powered vehicles circulate. The samples were collected within a period of 24 h for 14 consecutive days in January Ten PAH compounds were found naphthalene, acenapthylene, acenapthene, fluorene, phenanthrene, anthracene, fluoranthene, pyrene, benzo a anthracene and chrysene.

The average concentrations ranged from 1.

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The species that presented higher concentration were phenanthrene The PAHs with two and Local Sluts Ceiba PR rings were responsible by The concentrations of PAHs were lower on Sunday in comparison with the workdays, due to the reduction of bus traffic in the station. Correlations and principal component analysis with Varimax rotation were used to estimate the local PAH emission source profile originating from the diesel exhaust. This study aimed to analyze factors associated with participation in sports and physical education.

The study analyzed participation in sports and physical education in relation to socio-demographic, behavioral, and environmental variables. Factors associated with participation in physical education included: male gender, age yearsequal to high self-rated physical activity, participation in sports, moving around during classes, and having classes on the court. These factors should be considered in programs to encourage sports and participation in physical education. In this article, we aimed to present the activities developed by the Astronomy Study Group ASG to contribute to the dissemination and improvement of the astronomy teaching-learning.

The of a research carried out in schools of Umuarama- PR are shown, with the intention of checking the students' knowledge and interest in relation to Astronomy. It is reported the realization of workshops for Science teachers linked to the Education Regional Nucleus.

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The research and the workshop execution promoted the direct contact of the study group with the community; the were used to diagnose the state of astronomy teaching-learning, in the basic education in Umuarama- PR. The A. The lesions, on its histologic pattern are comparable to those observed in the lung of coal and iron mines workers as described in the consulted literature. The cases studied plantations workers and dwellers at rural and suburban areas are proceeding from an essencially agricultural region, without detectable polluition by industry or others known factors.

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This agricultural zone presents some geophysic peculiarities and dust from the errosive soil, is a constant factor in the local athmosphere. The soil is so called "Terra Roxa" red soil and in its physicochemical composition there is a great amount of iron oxides, silica silt, agril laceous materialaluminium, manganese, organic compounds.

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In this preliminary report the A. Background For transfusion purposes, blood donors must be accepted both in clinical and serological evaluations and must not have excluded their own donation using the confidential unit exclusion. Aim The objective of this study was to verify whether blood donors who choose self exclusion are more likely to be positive in serological tests than donors who do not.

Methods A cross-sectional analysis was carried out of 51, consecutive whole blood donations from January to December at a public blood bank in LondrinaSouthern Brazil.

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Self exclusion was chosen in 3. The influence of posters was statistically ificant on the frequency of hand-washing by physicians, trained-nurses and laboratory technicians, but not in respect to physical-therapists, or blood-bank and X-ray technicians. Prevalence of self-reported vocal problems was Vocal disorders affected one in four primary schoolteachers and were associated with various characteristics of the teaching profession both structural and work-related.

All participants answered the questionnaire regarding the sociodemographic characteristics. Although this study revealed a low seroprevalence of HEV infection in the population evaluated, the showed that this virus is circulating among the population from LondrinaSouth Brazil, and point out the need of further studies to define the clinical and epidemiological importance of HEV infection and to identify additional risk factors involved in the epidemiology and pathogenesis of this infection in this population.

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To enable protocol standardization, sharing, and efficient implementation across laboratory automation platforms, we have further developed the PR-PR open-source high-level biology-friendly robot programming language as a cross-platform laboratory automation system. Beyond liquid-handling robotics, PR-PR now supports microfluidic and microscopy platforms, as well as protocol translation into human languages, such as English.

While the same set of basic PR-PR commands and features are available for each supported platform, the underlying optimization and translation modules vary from platform to platform. Here, we describe these further developments to PR-PRand demonstrate the experimental implementation and validation of PR-PR protocols for combinatorial modified Goldenmore » Gate DNA assembly across liquid-handling robotic, microfluidic, and manual platforms.

PR-PR : cross-platform laboratory automation system. Here, we describe these further developments to PR-PRand demonstrate the experimental implementation and validation of PR-PR protocols for combinatorial modified Golden Gate DNA assembly across liquid-handling robotic, microfluidic, and manual platforms. A former corporate public relations PR professional shares strategies for communicating and cooperating with the chief executive officer, and particularly for coping with differences in perceptions of the public relations officer's role.

Basic attributes of a successful PR professional are outlined: good communication skills, an analytical….

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Ils permettent ainsi. Au final on disposera de 21 lignes de lumi. Last year proved to be another exceptional year for the European organisation for ground-based astronomy. These open new perspectives on the search for habitable zones and on the understanding of the mechanism of planet formation. There are not only new members in the planets' register: during the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union held in Prague Czech Republicit was decided that Pluto is not a planet anymore but a 'dwarf planet'.

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The scientific community dedicated to the great physicist James Clerk Maxwell it was the th anniversary of the birth : without his electromagnetic theory of light, none of the astonishing discoveries of modern physics could have been achieved. Optical, photoluminescence and decay kinetic characteristics of the pulse cathodoluminescence PCL were investigated.

It was shown that the absorption coefficient of the induced absorption in the visible range of the spectrum decreases ificantly with the increase of the Pr 2O3 content starting from 0.

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There was the difference in the luminescence spectra of the glass at a selective and non-selective type of excitation. Busca de estruturas em grandes escalas em altos redshifts. Se esse for o caso, estes objetos seriam membros de uma estrutura em grande escala. It was thus also in part the year of astronomy and this is clearly illustrated by the numerous breakthroughs that were achieved, in particular using ESO's telescopes.

ESO's telescopes proved very useful in helping to solve a year old puzzle. Astronomers have for the first time observed the visible light from a short gamma-ray burst GRB. Using the 1. Also in this field, astronomers found the farthest known gamma-ray burst with ESO's VLT, observing an object with a redshift 6.

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For two days before and six days after, all major ESO telescopes have been observing the comet, in a coordinated fashion and in. At the beginning of the new millennium, ESO and its staff are facing the future with confidence. The four 8. They can also look back at a fruitful and rewarding past year.

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From being a "high-tech project under construction" it has now become a highly proficient, world-class astronomical observatory. This trend is clearly reflected in ESO's Press Releasesas more and more front-line scientific emerge from rich data obtained at this very efficient facility. There were also exciting news from several of the instruments at La Silla. At the same time, the ESO community may soon grow, as steps towards membership are being taken by various European countries. It may be reproduced, if credit is given to the European Southern Observatory. After annealing in H2 ambient, the diffusion of Ge into Pr oxide is not observed in this sample.

In this sample, the leakage current density is effectively decreased in comparison with the sample without RTO. Aims: We propose to exploit the wealth of theoretical and experimental constraints to develop a structure of the infectious prion hamster Pr P This ev These observations were confirmed in primary hippocampal neurons from transgenic mice expressing Fv- Pr P.

Pararesonance PR whistlers observed in the topside ionosphere by the Dartmouth receiver on Ogo 6 are examined. Most PR whistlers are attached to paralongitudinal PL whistlers due, presumably, to intermode coupling.

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The 'walking trace', or unattached PR whistler, reported by Walter and Angerami is evidently unusual. Rising sawtooth appendages starting at the upper cutoff frequency are frequency seen on PR whistlers.

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Certainly worth noting is the possible first ever bona-fide image of an exoplanet and the discovery of the lightest known exoplanet. And the first prototype of the Astrophysical Virtual Observatory was able to provide unprecedented on the existence of Type-2 quasars by discovering an entire population of obscured, powerful supermassive black holes.

Thermoelectric power of Pr Mg3. However, a typical behaviour of - ln T dependence was not observed in the temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity. The thermoelectric power S is a powerful tool to investigate the density of states at the Fermi energy.


We measured carefully the thermoelectric power of Pr Mg3 in the temperature range between 2 and K. We therefore conclude that the density of state at the Fermi level is not enhanced in Pr Mg3. Many scientific discoveries were made possible with ESO's telescopes. If there is water on this planet, then it should be liquid!

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